Vishwakarma Puja: Ancient wonders constructed by an eminent architect

September 08, 2022

Vishwakarma Puja 

Vishwakarma Puja, also known as Vishwakarma's Day is an annual celebration that craftsmen, artisans, workers worship to Lord Vishwakarma and worship the god. The son of Hindu god Brahma, Vishwakarma is said to be the creator of the whole universe. He is also known as"the designer of palaces of the Gods.

Vishwakarma Puja

The Hindu divinity is believed to hold four hands wears a crown, and is loaded with gold jewelry. The god Lord Vishwakarma holds a water-pot the book, a noose and a crafting tool in his palms

Here are some details about this architect of the gods:

God of Masons

Lord Vishwakarma is known by the name of the God of carpenters, masons blacksmiths, goldsmiths, and all the professionals who have mastered the arts and crafts. His numerous arms and faces represent his creativity and great strength.

The designer of the flying Chariots

Pushpaka vimana made by Vishwakarma

Lord Vishwakarma is believed to have created the Chariots of Flying of Gods alongside their mighty palaces.

Creator of weapons

hindu god weapons made by Vishwakarma

Lord Vishwakarma is believed to have created Vajra, the Vajra Vajra, which is Lord Indra. Vajra was constructed from the bones of the sage Dadhichiand The Agnayestra. Lord Krishna's Sudarshan Chakra was a different one of his great creations.

The architect of Lanka the capital of the gold

Ravana Gold Lanka made by Vishwakarma

In accordance to Hindu theology there was a golden palace was designed by Lord Vishwakarma at the time Shiva gave Ravana an opportunity to prosper.

Worship Method:

Cleanse the equipment used during your work day. After bathing the god of Vishwakarmaji is to be worshiped alongside Lord Vishnu. Give sweets, seasonal fruits, Panchameva, Panchamrit. Then, perform the aarti for both gods by lighting candles, incense and so on.


There are many stories in the puranas regarding birth of Lord Vishwakarm. In accordance to Varaha Purana God Brahma made Vishwakarma on the earth. Then as per to Vishwakarma Purana Adi Narayan created Brahmaji before creating Brahmaji and later Vishwakarma. It is believed that the birth of Lord Vishwakarma is also connected with the churning and revolving of the ocean between gods and demons.

In this manner when we look at the stories in the Bible concerning Vishwakarma's birth are a part of the scriptures. Vishwakarma are known that Vishwakarma has evolved into not just only one, but numerous and in the past from time to time, with his actions and wisdom He has played a role in the evolution in the world. From the explanation of Lord Vishwakarma in the Bible it is evident it is believed that Vishwakarma is a type of title and designation, that is believed to have the highest level of understanding of the art of making. Virat Vishwakarma was first to be crowned, then Dharmavanshi Vishwakarma, Angiravanshi, followed by Sudhanva Vishwakarma. Then the grandson of Shukracharya was named Bhriguvanshi. The legend says that, at the command of the gods Vishwakarma created a thunderbolt of power to Indra the god of the heavens and arose from the bones of the Maharishi dadhichi.

Vishwakarma was the one who created all of the capital cities and cities that were famous in the past like The heavens of Satyuga, Lanka of Tretayuga, Dwarka of Dwapar and Hastinapur of Kaliyuga. Vishwakarma was also the one who built his trident Mahadev and Mahadev's trident, the Sudarshan Chakra that was part of Sri Hari, the mace of Hanuman Ji as well as the Kaladand in Yamraj as well as the Kundal of Karna and the Pushpak Vimana of Kubera. Vishwakarma was such a craftsman that he was able to create a stand capable of walking on water.