60+Best Breakup quotes - Positive Quotes After Breakup

If you Are Searching Some Positive Quotes After Your Love Breakup To Find Some Positivity In Your Life Then You Are At Right Place We Have Great Coll

Breakup quotes - Positive Quotes After Breakup

If you Are Searching Some Positive Quotes After Your  Love Breakup To Find Some Positivity In Your Life Then You Are At Right Place We Have Great Collection Of  Breakup Quotes With Positivity .

These  Positive Quotes After Breakup Can Help You To Heal Your Broken Heart 

 Breakup don't mean bad always. Some just need it because it is the only best option they had.

Thank you for long years, for happy memories, and of course for the love you've given me. This is sad but I know God has a better plan for us.

I will not tell you to love me again or tell you to choose me again. I will be happy as long as you are happy even if with someone else.

How can you forget all the love that I have for you? How can you choose to forget me when all I did was to love you? How can I live now without you? Tell me how.

We have the right love at a wrong time. This will never be easy but I guess this is the right thing to do. Goodbye for now, my love.

Something has changed between us. We are not the same perfect couple like we used to be. And now I started to believe that there are things that are not just meant to be.

I never thought we would end up like this. I should have done something to stop you from leaving. It's too late. I know it's too late.

There must be a good reason behind our tears now. Maybe today we are crying, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Let us just trust the Lord with His plan for us.

I never stop loving you; I just stop believing your lies.

I maybe crying day and night, but someday I know I will get over you.

How can someone break my heart? I have given all, and yet, I am left behind.


Breakup Quotes
Breakup Quotes

There will be no more late night conversations and anniversaries for us. I thought this would last, but I was wrong. I was wrong to believe that you will never break my heart.

I love you at my best. I love you with all my heart. But you choose to break my heart. And I hate you for that.

Breaking up with you is the least that I can do. We cannot just fix what is broken to us. It is better to leave it all behind and move on with our lives.

Every girl needs a man who will take care of her and not a man who will break her.

Break up doesn't mean you stop fighting for your love. Sometimes, you are just brave enough to admit that it is not worth fighting for.

They called me a heart breaker. I think that is better than to be called a cheater.

I know God knows that you are not the right man for me.

I'm not the same girl who easily believed all your lies. I am smarter now than before, and breaking up with you is the smartest decision I have ever made.

You broke my heart with your promise that I am the only one. I should have known you better before.

We are exactly opposite of each other. And that's the reason why it will never work out.

I hate it when I still remember you and all the things we used to do. I hate to think that after all I still love you.

I am happy that you came into my life but I am even happier now that you are out of my life. Things aren't always what we wanted it to be.

Admit it or not, but you only love me because you needed something from me. I never thought this will be as painful as I have ever imagined it to be.

You used to be superman, always there when I needed you. But like superman you always have to do something else, something that is more important than me. I am tired to be your second priority.

If I have to choose between loving you and loving myself, it will be me that I will choose. Why? Because I know I am worth loving than all your lies.

You are sorry not because you mean it, you are sorry because you knew you were wrong. Sorry too, but we will never be together again.

When I love, I give my all. So think twice before hurting me or breaking my heart because I will never have a second thought of hurting you twice.

I thought you are different from other guys. I was wrong. I was wrong to give you a second chance, second chance to hurt me again. I hope you will never do this to any other girls anymore.

It hurts when you know you love each other but one has to leave and one must be left behind. Lucky girl I was left behind.

I just think of the positive side of our breakup. At least now I have more time for myself, my family, and my friends.

You think I am stupid to let you go. I am not. In fact, that is one of the best thing I have done for myself. I am tired of you and all your lies. We are done.

I never regret loving you. The only thing I wish that never happened to us is betrayal. I trust you with my entire secret, and yet, you manage to hurt me.

How can someone like you break my heart? I have loved you with all my heart. I have given you almost everything. Do all of these things still not enough for you?

We have to accept that nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, that includes our love story.

I made this hardest decision out of hope that someday you will realize how much I mean to you.

I will never forget the time when we were so happy doing the things we loved to do. I want you to know that I will miss you and everything we used to do.

Love isn't enough to make a relationship last. If it lacks trust and communication, then I guess it will never work out.

Breakup means you need some time to know if it is God's will or not. If you are for each other, then God will let you meet again.

It took me a while to realize that I stopped loving you. I'm sorry but I know you deserve someone better than me.

You looked at me not the same way before. Little did I know that your feelings for me have gone already.

I miss everything about you. I am still thinking if breaking up with you were the right thing to do.

I think it is better to end everything between us than to hurt each other over and over again.

I never wanted to see you crying because of me. This is my entire fault so please stop blaming yourself. Someone better is waiting for you, just wait for it.

I always pray that someday when we see each other again there will be no more bitterness in our heart. All I want is for you to be happy even if it is with someone else.

You are asking me to end not only our relationship but also everything else between us. I can't believe how someone like you hurt me this much.

I thank God for saving me from the kind of relationship we had. God knows you are not the right one for me.

God must have a good reason why the two of us separated. Let us just believe in His plans and hope everything will be alright.

I thought when you have someone special you will always be happy and contented. I was wrong to believe that I am enough for you.

Someday you will realize that loving me was the best decision you've made and leaving me was your worst nightmare.

We both know that it is not working anymore. We better end it up now or else it will make things worse between us.

I know you will find someone better than me, someone who will love you more than I can, and someone who will never make you cry.

I hope you will never forget how much I love you. Our love story never ends up happily ever after but I know God is preparing a perfect love story for you.

I thank God that He made me realize that I deserve someone better. You are one of my greatest mistakes.

I cannot remember the time that we argue hard about something that's why it is hard for me to accept that we end up like this. I hope we can still fix what seems to be broken between us.

I guess loving you too much that I forget about myself are one of the wrong things I have done in my life. I should have love myself more than anything else in this world.

Nothing could be more painful than being left behind by the person you almost gave your whole life.

I am wiser now than before. I promise I will never do the same mistake I have done with my past relationship. Break up taught me to be more wise and forgiving.

I always found myself crying to sleep because of you. I hope it would stop because crying will never change our situation and it will never let you come back.

I still love you even if you choose to leave me and break my heart. I will just wait for the time that my heart will heal its wounds.Ho up jo up jo hi no to hi to ho to to vu hi hi up bhi vu hi hi up

It breaks my heart to see you happy with someone else while I still believing that you will love me back again.

I should have fight for our love. I should have let you know that I will do everything for us. But it's too late. You are happy now with him. And I will never do stupid things that will hurt you again.